We are proud to announce the brand new Galette website!

It’s been a while since the old one did not receive any real update, and it has several issues on localization (for example, menu was no longer translated into english).

I’ve decided to make use of a vacation week to work on that. Old website was using Dotclear, we’ve switched to Jekyll now. All source code is publicly available (a mirror is available on GitHub as well). Pages and posts are licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 license and the “source code” under the terms of the GPL version 3 license.

All posts have just been migrated (with a few fixes sometimes), and all pages has been entirely rewritten. I had to deal with some internationalization issues, but I guess I’ve been able to address them all… Please also note that new website has been built “mobile first” in mind; therefore navigation on mobile devices should be better than it was.

In the end, I hope I’ll be able to use a translation platform to get the website translated in other languages; it seems Weblate does not support markdown/html contents yet; I’ll have to investigate a bit.

If you find errors, please open an issue. Of course, you can also provide a git patch or open a pull request on GitHub :-)

I’d like to thanks “GruiicK” on IRC/Matrix for his precious help (as usual!) reviewing this new website, and also to “Hiob”!

Happy Galette!