This release is dedicated to contributors of my new working station pool thank you very much!

A very big thanks as well to everyone involved in this release, especially:

  • community members who brings features/fix,
  • Weblate contributors, many translations have been done,
  • community members who do tests during the development phases, many issues has been fixed,
  • APiCy association, which sponsored direct download links sent in mails,

This is a major release, which brings a few new features as usual:

  • Customizable password security level (complexity, blacklist, …)

Password security preferences

  • Choose and order visible fields on members list

Members list with default configuration

Members list with custom configuration

  • Support of RTL languages in PDF

RTL support in produced PDF

And also:

  • CSV imports now handles dynamic fields and already encrypted passwords
  • Send invoice/receipt or membercard direct download links in emails
  • Offer last months when using beginning of membership date
  • Members can print their own invoices/receipts
  • Possibility to use member’s deadline instead of year in PDF cards

Some bugs have also been fixed; including PHP 7.4 and CSV import issues among others. See Galette 0.9.4 changelog for all details.

A big work has been done under the hood; the code has been cleaned and reorganized a bit, unit tests has been added and more work has been done on code quality.

All official plugins, as well as documentation can now be translated in the same languages as Galette itself! Setting up all that was a big work, but even if this has been done very recently, translations have already started :-)

Most of the plugins have also been updated, please refer to plugins documentation to know more ;-)

Download Galette 0.9.4

Hope you will enjoy this release; happy Galette!