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Want to know how to contact us? Ways are multiple ;-)

And depending on needs:

  • you can use Matrix (or IRC) and Discord channels for any subject, or just to say hello,
  • you can also talk about everything on mailing lists but prefer development list to talk about… development,
  • for a bug report or an enhancement request, use the bug tracker,
  • you can also propose a new way, if that makes sense.

On social networks (Mastodon, Twitter), doing support or explain some things can be complicated… We prefer any other of the provided channels as much as possible.

Instant messaging

Ask a question, and get an answer. It’s simple and effective. It only requires someone in front to answer you, and this is where things may get a bit complicated :D

It may happen that instant messaging is not really instant, depending on every one and the context… Main developer is globally always present from time to time.


Matrix is a quite recent communication protocol, which aims to be open and interoperable. It operates almost like IRC, with the difference you will first have to create a Matrix account, to join Galette discussion room.

Room is accessible for everyone, archives are not public, you will just have access to the discussion which will happen after you’ve joined. It is automatically linked to the official IRC channel, you do not have anything more to do.


IRC is a communication protocol that does exist from years (1988), which does well what we ask it (not much finally), and which is still widespread.

All you need is an IRC client to connect to and then join #galette.

Note than when your IRC client is closed or just not connected, no message will be sent to you. And you will never be able to see what you’ve missed (no log of the IRC channel is available).

Recently, a bridge between IRC channel and Matrix room has been created; this should bring a solution to this problem. Indeed, this is the Matrix instance which connects to IRC in that case for all participants.

Mailing lists

Mailing lists are a set of discussion by email. The list has an email address to which you can send message that are then delivered to all its subscribers (yourself included).

In order to send or receive messages from the list, you absolutely must be subscribed to it. The process is explained on list page itself and below on this page.

Available lists:

  • users: global discussions, help, FAQ
  • development: developer mailing list for more technical subjects
  • translations: discussions about translations only
  • commits : commits broadcast - this is not a mailing list

Subscription/Unsubscription and usage

Mailing lists have two distinct email addresses:

  • list address, as example, you will use to send a message to the list, and that will be the sender of the messages you will receive,
  • administrative address, which is made up of list name followed by -request, as example, you will use to subscribe or unsubscribe. Action is defined in the email subject; this can be “subscribe”, “unsubscribe” or “help” (do not add anything else in the subject).

Therefore, to unsubscribe from the users mailing list just send an email with “unsubscribe” as subject (without quotes!) to administrative address. To subscribe to Galette users, just replace “unsubscribe” in the object with “subscribe” :-)

When you send a message to the administrative address to subscribe or unsubscribe, you must have a confirmation message you have to answer to finalize the operation.

If you do not receive that message, this is abnormal; operation is not finalized.

Double check you spam directories, and try again. If the problem remains, try to contact TuxFamily directly or contact us from another method (we will contact TuxFamily :D).

To use the list, send a message to its main address, and that’s all. To start a new discussion thread, please write a new email rather than answering to an existing one (changing email subject does not mislead the list system ;)); just answer otherwise.

When you send a message to the list, you must receive it as well. If you do not, something is wrong.

The most simple and reliable way to search on past Galette related discussion is to make a query on mail archive services.

Bugs reports and requests for enhancement

Specific FAQ entries are talking respectively about bug reporting and asking for new features.

Before reporting a bug or ask for a new feature, please make sure no one else already did :-)

Social networks

Please do not ask for support!