AFUL and I are really proud to present you that new Galette release, which is quite special... Indeed, that is the first sponsored version.

AFUL is a french non profit organization dedicated to FOSS and open standards promotion.

But what is a "Sponsored version"?
A version that contains developments paid by someone and reversed to the community. TThe AFUL has been this someone for the present release and this via my self-employment activity.

All Galette users (who are the first to benefit from this) and I would like to say a very big thanks to AFUL for their participation. It allows Galette to keep improving and show a real, practical example of a FOSS project development! Bravo!

For that new Galette recipe, the following ingredients has been added:

  • improve dynamic fields interface,
  • the code that manage those fields has been refactored,
  • a button to quickly send mailings to late members has been added on the dashboard.

Read also AFUL's news about their Galette support :-)