A few months after the last major update Galette has known; the crew did it again and is proud to present you the new Galette version :-)

It burnt a little as it stayed too long into the oven, but it says to be pleasant-tasting :-D

Here is the result: a keen and crunchy new Galette 0.7.1, wich brings its share of new features, like:

  • improve installation steps,
  • check for required or adviced PHP modules at install time,
  • check for plugin compatibility,
  • members list filtering per group,
  • etc...

Bugs have been fixed in this release, too.

The complete list of changes can be seen here:

We hope that our cooking continue to suit your taste, ladies and gentlemens, just take place and savour immediately :-p

The three most popular plugins, like a good marmelade layer, has been updated to the (unified) version 1.1.

Here are the links, so you can enjoy it:

The most adventurous of you would maybe handle our new experimental recipe, Maps plugin :)