Galette 0.63.3 is cooked, lunch's ready ! :-)

This version fixes a security flaw found in the demonstration. Here is the changelog:

  • fix a security flaw that allowed attacker to send arbitrary PHP files on some servers
  • when sendind invalid member form, line dynamic fields were repeated (bug #10187)
  • some encoding issues has been noticed on UFT-8 MySQL servers. Connection is now forced to LATIN1 (thanks to Cédric)
  • unbreakable spaces appears on non html email (thanks to Cédric)
  • using XML characters in mailing subjects causes XML analysis errors on preview (bug #14571)
  • needless data were stored into logs (and not at the right place) sending mailings (bug #14569)
  • XML analysis errors where thrown on logs page when a member card contains reserved characters (bug #14561)
  • html tags in mailing were not showed while previewing a mailing under Firefox (bug #14465)