The Galette Team is glad to announce the release of Galette 0.63.2!

It's a corrective version, here are issues that have been fixed:

  • membership's deadline was incorrect for a fiscal year (bug #13010)
  • donations didn't appear in the right color in the table (bug #13009)
  • history entries when adding or editing a contribution did not contains member's login - as when adding/editing a member (bug #13011)
  • on windows, some characters were incorrectly interpreted - "\n" for example (bug #14162)
  • when saving a picture (PNG format), alpha channel was not saved, causing image to get a default background color (bug #14327)
  • restrictions showing pictures (since 0.63.1) prevents custom logo to display correctly (bug #14442)
  • when editing member's language, current session was also translated (bug #14443)
  • some characters - like simple quotes - were badly encoded mailings subjects (bug #14449)
  • mail sending were always active, even if disabled in preferences (bug #14450)

You can now download the latest release from:

If you're already using Galette >= 0.63, you do not have to upgrade, database was not modified. Just copy the new files and you're done ;-)

As usual, you can report bugs through the Gna! interface.

The very kind Galette developpers.