A very big thank to everyone involved in this release :)

This is a minor release, providing several bugfixes:

  • Cannot access tabs definition on some resolutions
  • HTML Email preview shows source
  • Fix scrolling in emailing preview’s modal
  • Few fixes on dependency injection usage
  • Number of show member automatically set to “all”
  • Groups modification not visually added on member form
  • Fix redirection when dynamic file does not exist
  • Menu horizontal scroll when name is too long
  • Should not select a member as its own parent
  • Add preferences footer in replacements

See Galette 1.0.4 changelog for all details.

Download Galette 1.0.4

This will probably be the latest release on 1.0 series, I’d like to concentrate on 1.1 now.

Hope you will enjoy this release; happy Galette!