After months of work, I’m very pleased to announce Galette is on the road to the 1.0.0 release! I propose you today the third release candidate of this version.

This will be the latest RC version before final release :-)

Latest stable version is now quite old and is not fully compatible with recent PHP releases.

Fortunately, database schema has not been changed at all, you can take an eye to 1.0.0 keeping your existing data as is. Don’t forget to do a backup anyway, keep in mind this is a RC release.

Under the hood, a lot of work has been done to improve code quality and maintainability; we also have switched from quite dead third party libraries to more recent/maintained ones.

  • Modern UI
  • Template rendering is now assumed by Twig instead of Smarty
  • LibreJS compatibility
  • Major improvements on UI/UX and also responsiveness
  • Use of YAML files instead of XML for exports configuration
  • New preference to show/hide borders around PDF member cards
  • WebP image support

See Galette 1.0.0 changelog for all details.

All plugins needs to be updated as well, use the nightly archive available for each one, see plugins documentation ;-)

Download Galette 1.0.0rc3

Hope you will enjoy this release; happy Galette!