A very big thanks as well to everyone involved in this release, especially:

  • Weblate contributors, many translations have been done,
  • community members who do tests during the development phases, many issues has been fixed,

This is a major release, which brings a few new features and bugfixes as usual, but this one also fix some security issues (CVE-2021-21319).

  • PDF and emails variables homogenisation; add variables for dynamic fields,
  • Add dynamic files on contributions and transactions
  • Rework database fields length

Some bugs have also been fixed; including PHP 8.0 issues among others. See Galette 0.9.5 changelog for all details.

Unfortunately, some required background changes (on dependency injection library) has made all plugins incompatible, and it is required to update them, see plugins documentation ;-)

Download Galette 0.9.5

Hope you will enjoy this release; happy Galette!