For a good Galette we need a good oven...
Mine has been built more than 9 years ago, a renew will be mandatory, it has been heavily used :)

So, I need a new computer with a sufficient configuration to work; and hardware is quite expensive...

I invite you to donate to help me buy this computer if you wish!

As a reminder, I'm the maintainer and developer of the project. With coding new features and technical evolutions (often complex); I'm also in charge of website, writting documentation, translations, user support, etc.
And for all of that, I need a computer! :-)

I've created a Paypal pool, but you can still contact me if you want to donate another way ;)

Pool amount is top of the price bracket; but includes all required hardware:

  • Ventilated case
  • CPU Intel Core i7
  • Appropriate motherboard
  • 32 Gio de RAM
  • Graphic card with dual screen support
  • 2 screens
  • 1Tio SSD (system) hard drive
  • 2 x 4Tio hard drive (code, data, backups, ...)
  • Assembly
  • Keyboard and mouse

Thank you in advance, remember it's almost X-Mas; and be sure I'll continue to add good butter to Galette :D