After a few weeks... Here is a third public test release for Galette 0.9!

Once again, I'd like to thank every person involved in testing the previous version; declared bugs has of course been fixed in this new release!

Appart of those fixes; Galette 0.9 now has a system to send some data and to register. The goal is to retrieve some (anonymous!) useful informations on Galette usages. You can find more informations on telemetry in the documentation.


This new major release brings, along with some bugfixes, some new features I invite you to discover testing this release :-)

Even if this is a major release, no changes has been done to the database; you "only" have to update your files!

Note that this new release make plugins incompatibles.... Official plugins maps, paypal, fullcard and auto have already been migrated; you can test them downloading the ZIP file of their develop branch on github.

Do not hesitate to test this new release, and give me feedbacks using one of the provided ways :-)