Dear galette users,

In facts, no, Galette is not 10 years old, I have exagerated a bit, but truth be told, it is ten years today that I have taken the lead on the project, that I sort of adopted Galette (and vice-versa).

10 years I try to make the software more powerfull, modern with recent technologies, but also prettier and more user friendly. I o attach importance to free software, and Galette is my contribution.

10 years of Galette evolution, along with my personal life. Since then, I've been married, had two daughters, moved around France (several times...), changed my job (several times...), ...

10 years I've invested a lot of my time, patience and energy in this beautiful project, despite other obligations, but today it seems worthwhile because Galette is now used by many non profit organizations (sports, free software, collections, towns...) and this is the best acknowledgement I can hope for.

10 years adding features (I won't list them, there are too many :)); some very usefull, like plugins. Some failures that we suffered through, some that ended up being (lot of) time lost, others that ended up disouraging me. It's fair game.

10 years of code. It's no small achievement! Some statistics (about the project itself only, not the plugins):

  • 57 releases;
  • 2 major rewrites (and a third to come);
  • 2833 commits (since april 13 2007);
  • 928 239 lines added; 1 059 951 lines removed;
  • 761 days of activity.

Despite everything, Galette would not be what it is today without you, who supported me, report bugs, submit plugins, propose - or even pay for - features usefull for all or a few.

Managing an open source project like Galette is really an adventure... Long, often complex, but always interesting and rewarding :-)

Also, on the occasion of this special birthday, I'd like to thanks all of you who joined me in this adventure, and especially Roland, the most loyal among the loyal... He was present before me :)

Finally... I'd like to thanks Loïs who gaves me "the baby out with the bath water" 10 years ago :D

$date = new \DateTime();
$date->modify('-10 years');
echo $date->format('l jS \of F Y'); //Friday 18th of May 2007

See you very soon for other adventures... 100 per cent made in France pure butter! :-D