A new Galette version, 0.7.8, has been release, it is sponsorised by Roland; as well as Maps and Paypal plugins :-)

The main change is about plugins that can now have public pages. The Paypal plugin uses that new feature, as does Maps.

Maps plugin also get some new features:

  • administrators and staff members can now manage members coordinates,
  • member (up to date or not) can see themselves on the map if they're logged in,
  • administrators and staff members can see all geolocalized members, exept inactive accounts,
  • a full screen button has been added for more comfort.

On an additional note; it is the latest release of this year; but also tha last 0.7 Galette serie. Next year will see Galette 0.8, with some important changes, and the end of PHP 5.3 support.

Big thanks to Roland for his sponsorship, season's greetings to you all.