Debian France nonprofit organization, who promotes the Debian operating system and myself, are proud to present you Galette 0.7.5!

After a few months of work, a few difficulties, hard work and meticulous tests; a new sponsored version was born. As a reminder, a "Sponsored release" means that some developments have been paid via my self-employment activity and reversed to the community.

Debian France requests were about distinct things:

  • subscriptions reminder emails (#368), scheduled via cron (#377)
  • reminders email templates (#376)
  • customizable invoices and receipts (#394)
  • contribution storage in accounting via an external script (#490) when adding a new contribution from Galette or Paypal plugin.

Very special thanks to Guillaume Rousse, who implemented some additionnal features:

  • add date/year dynamic fields type (#191)
  • add boolean dynamic fields type (#624)

A few other enhancements were brought along, and some bugs were fixed; see complete change log.

Again, many thanks to Debian France for their sponsoring, and also to everyone who were involved in improving and testing this release :-)

Read also Debian France news about their Galette support :-)