EDIT: Obviously, nobody can believe such thing, it was an April Fool.

Galette is a project that has been running for several years now, numerous evolution have been possible, before and since I took the lead of the project. I hereby would like to thanks all the people that contributed, are contributing, used and are using galette.

However, times are changing, recently I have been approached to make of Galette a commercial product, handle by a rather large company. One of the condition for this was a change of license, the rights on the source code have to be acquired by this company.

I have been thinking about this offer for a while, balacing pros and cons. These days, maintaining Galette is a very though job and seeing how things are going recently and I must confess the large compensation proposed in exchange.

In the coming weeks, the rights and all the source code of Galette will be hand to this company. If you are using Galette, nothing changes for you, Galette remains (at least for now) free to use (I strongly fought for this). However, from the information I received, you will not longer be allowed to modify the code, nor develop plugin.

This is the end of an amazing journey, I am glad I could be in your company to do it.