First of all, a very good 2013 year to all :-) Epiphany will be a bit early this year ;-)

Exsequenda company (which contact me for one of their clients) and myself are proud to present you this new Galette release. It is the second sponsored release :-)

As a reminder, a "Sponsored release" means that some develpments have been paid via my self-employment activity and reversed to the community.

Here are new features that has been implemented for that sponsoring:

  • fields visibility configuration (visibles, not visibles or visibles for administrators only),
  • advanced search in all members fields (including dynamic fields),
  • login and password may now be not required (default random values will be generated),
  • improve and fix dynamic fields labels translations,
  • help window editing mails texts,
  • public members list pagination.

Fields visibility configuration and advanced search has both been requested for a while, it has finally been achieved! A big thanks to Matthieu who make possible to implement those new features into Galette :-)