Galette 0.7 was on the road for some time now. Bugs and tasks announced for this version are fixed; older versions migration works also.

So, this is with a real pleasure that I inform you of the New Galette's version 0.7 release :-) For the occasion, the project has been freshened up (new website, new documentation, new bug and tasks tracker, use of Git instead of Subversion).

You can get this release at:

Numerous functionnalities and changes have been made for this release, some problems may have slipped through our vigilance, feel free to report them using Galette's trackers|]!

A most complete list of Galette 0.7 new functionnalities is available on the documentation.

If you are updating, make sure to backup your data ; I do not have any old Galette installations, so I cannot test much upgrades scripts.

Galette's documentation also has been rewritten.
The user guide is not yet ended, and I unfortunately can not spend more time to take care of that for now (by the way, if you're interested in helping with that, I'll not say no); on the other hand, installation manual is up-to-date:

Galette 0.7 brings the ability to add functionality using additional plugins.

On a more technical note, developper's guide was born for this new release :-)

Old documentation will be gracefully retired, until that, please be carefull not to get the wrong one ;)

A big thank you to everyone who participated in this release! :-)