It's been 6 month since last Galette was released...

During this time, even if I became dad another time, I've worked on some important changes provided in this new release:

  • complete rewrite of the installation process, more pleasant and logic for the users, and much more flexible for developpers,
  • use of database component to its new major release, the old one is no longer supported,
  • PHP 5.4 as minimum version,
  • ...

Some bugs have been fixed, and some other improvements have been implemented, please take a look at the complete changelog. All plugins have also been updated, since old versions will not work with that new Galette.

You can download this release at:

This new progress in the projet closes 0.7 series that has been started early 2012, after some time of good and faithful services - well... I hope!

I now have to recover from all that ;)