From the very beginning, Galette is multi-language; this includes the software itself of course, but also data that can be stored. For example, all dynamic fields labels can be translated.

But there were still issues, mainly because of the lack of maitained language. Now that Galette translations are done on a centralized platform, I’ve been able to fix several issues; like emails texts that were translated directly in the source code (fixed in 0.9.4 to come).

Working with weblate makes me realize that it was almost impossible for translators that does not know the project to correctly do their job, because for example of the lack of translation comments in the source code. In facts, Galette was only handling simple translations; completely missing support for:

  • plurals,
  • contexts,
  • translation comments.

I’ve been working on those lacks, and I’m happy to announce I’ve been able to fix them all!

All official plugins, as well as documentation can now be translated in the same languages as Galette itself; so I18n is consistent accross all projects components. Website cannot be added for now, file format we’re using is not supported unfortunately.

Several translators already do some work, thank you so much! :)

I’ve also created a new open mailing list for translators,