The Galette Team is glad to announce the release of Galette 0.63.1!

It's a corrective version, here's the changelog:

  • some preferences were not updated at install time
  • on some web hosting services, exif functions are not available. In this case, we use GD (bug #12836)
  • XHTML was sometimes not well formed, due to PHP sessions (bug #13071)
  • fix PHP notices in the logs (patch #1133)
  • remove of posix functions which are deprecated in PHP 5.3
  • add of a .htaccess file to prevent read of uploaded photos from the web

You can now download the latest version from:

If you're already running Galette 0.63, you do not have to run install again, database was not modified. Just copy the new files and you're done ;-)

In case of problem, you can report bugs through the Gna! interface.

The very kind Galette Development Team.