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Thursday 2 November 2017

Vote for future features?

This is something I have in mind for several years; but that has not been implemented yet...

The tracker where bugs and features are reported do its job; and it suits pretty well my needs (compared to others I can/have to test). But; if it is possible to report a bug or ask for a feature, nothing exists to know their popularity...

This is a feature request that exists for years on Redmine; but project's developer always refused to implement it. Several plugins were developed; but they seem to die quite soon after, unfortunately :/

I'd really want to avoid to duplicate information, but this is not possible. So, I propose you to vote for future Galette features using Fider :)

This voting system will not replace existing tracker; and popularity of any entry will not imply it will be implemented in the next release, but this will help me to know which feature you are waiting for!

Sunday 29 October 2017

Galette 0.9rc3

After a few weeks... Here is a third public test release for Galette 0.9!

Once again, I'd like to thank every person involved in testing the previous version; declared bugs has of course been fixed in this new release!

Appart of those fixes; Galette 0.9 now has a system to send some data and to register. The goal is to retrieve some (anonymous!) useful informations on Galette usages. You can find more informations on telemetry in the documentation.


This new major release brings, along with some bugfixes, some new features I invite you to discover testing this release :-)

Even if this is a major release, no changes has been done to the database; you "only" have to update your files!

Note that this new release make plugins incompatibles.... Official plugins maps, paypal, fullcard and auto have already been migrated; you can test them downloading the ZIP file of their develop branch on github.

Do not hesitate to test this new release, and give me feedbacks using one of the provided ways :-)

Thursday 26 October 2017

Galette on Telegram

2019-05-11: too much spam and too less interest, group is now closed.

At work, a lot of people do use Telegram; I've recently subscribed too recently.

It was the opportunity to open a Galette group on it:

If you're interested; join us!

Wednesday 25 October 2017

Opening Galette forums

Galette discussion forums are opening!

This is something that has been asked several times; but I never agree... Mainly beacause I was afraid of the time to spend on it. But I must admit some users are not comfortable with mailing lists; so I've decided to got for it :)

I hope that seems worthwhile; this has been a while this is planned ;-)

A very big thanks to Roland, who talked about that again, and has sponsorized theme creation and forums setup with a generous donation :)

Those forums are openend as an experiment for now. If they were spammed, attacked (hey Galette's demo...); or even if users would not respect rules (speak correctly, no insults, ...); they would be quickly closed.


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