If you encountered an issue, make sure the solution is not listed on this page, then contact Galette's mailing list with as many informations as possible (in particular related logs lines - see logs/galette.log file and your webserver logs [when possible...]).

Mandatory field empty

When adding a new member, I got a message "Mandatory field empty"; even if I've properly filled all required fields.

In this case, install AdminTools plugin and run "Reinitialize fields configuration". You will be able to enter new members again.

I see a blank page - My data are not stored - etc (Galette 0.7.x)

A blank page means server has encountered a problem. If you got only a blank page the first time you run Galette, make sure you are using PHP 5.3 at least.

In other cases, before asking on the mailing list, you'll have to take a look at the log files. There are two types of log files :

  • Galette's logs, you could find them in logs/galette.log file,
  • server's logs, whose path differs from an installation to another.
    • on RedHat/Fedora (and similar) sevrers, you'll find them in /var/log/httpd/error_log,
    • on other Linux distributions, httpd can be called apache,
    • under Windows/MacOS with XAMPP based solutions, there is a logs directory in the installation directory,
    • if you cannot read server's logs file (typical on grouped hostings), please refer to the next section.

Error that appears in those files will probably help to fix your problem.

Display errors (Galette >= 0.7.3)

Only for debug!!

Displaying errors on the page may provides some informations that should not be publically visible. On production, it is strongly inadvisable to display them, below solution must be only temporary, just the time for you to get informations on the issue.

On grouped hostings, you cannot access server logs. In that case, you could (temporary) display errors on pages. To achieve that, create the galette/config/behavior.inc.php with the following content:


When a problem occurs, errors that are sent to server's logs will appear on the screen.

Error sending mails with php mail() function (Galette 0.7.0)

If you have selected the php mail() function in the preferences, you may obtain an error like:

Unable to execute: /usr/sbin/sendmail.

It is a bug that will be corrected in the next release. To avoid that issue, you can either use a SMTP server in the preferences, or comment the following lines in galette/classs/galette_mail.php file:

    // telling the class to use Sendmail transport

How to find an old version?

It may be useful sometimes to retrieve an old release of Galette or one of its plugins; see Galette download; you will find all to make you happy!

Call to undefined function: bindtextdomain()

This error appears typically when gettext php module is not loaded on your webserver.

  • With EasyPHP : you have to load the extension which is present, but not loaded. To do this, right click on EasyPHP icon, then configuration -> php extensions and check php-gettext.

PHP gettext extension is available on most linux distributions. If your hosting does not provide it, try to contact them for gettext to be loaded on their servers.

Galette does not install with my web site provider (ISP)

Try creating a folder called “sessions” at the root of the site. It is a recurring problem with many ISP (notably Free).

I cannot log in

You need to activate cookies in the browser used to consult Galette online.

Registration to the CNIL (French Government Entity for the Protection of Personal Data)

It seems that it is no longer any legal obligation to submit the membership file to the CNIL.
Anyways, nothing prevents you from doing a simplified registration.

PostgreSQL : cannot connect database

Problem may be solved that way :

  • Remove old galette database :
$ su -
# su - postgres
$ psql template1
template1=# DROP DATABASE galette;

Stay with postgres identity: probably create user (do not use empty password):

$ createuser -A -D -P adh
Enter password for new user:
Enter it again:
  • (re)create database :
$ createdb -O adh galette

Where adh is the username, and galette the database name.

There was also an problem in pg_hba.conf file, the following configuration should work for any PostgreSQL versions :

#/etc/postgresql/pg_hba.conf (debian)
local   all     postgres        ident sameuser

local   all     all             md5
host    all     all    md5 

MySql: Error creating tables or inefficient changes save

Bug detected with MySql 5.0.27 under Windows XP.

If MySQL configuration file contains the following option:

# Set the SQL mode to strict

Galette installation will not work.

If Galette is already installed, it won't work as excpected. For example, adding a new member will fail. You'll get no error message, Galette's logs will say member has been successfully added, but the new member will never reach database.

You have to deactivate this option:

# Set the SQL mode to strict