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Sunday 14 September 2014

Galette 0.8: new recipe!

It's been 6 month since last Galette was released...

During this time, even if I became dad another time, I've worked on some important changes provided in this new release:

  • complete rewrite of the installation process, more pleasant and logic for the users, and much more flexible for developpers,
  • use of database component to its new major release, the old one is no longer supported,
  • PHP 5.4 as minimum version,
  • ...

Some bugs have been fixed, and some other improvements have been implemented, please take a look at the complete changelog. All plugins have also been updated, since old versions will not work with that new Galette.

You can download this release at:

This new progress in the projet closes 0.7 series that has been started early 2012, after some time of good and faithful services - well... I hope!

I now have to recover from all that ;)

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Features removal

Working on a software like Galette take a lot of time, and I have less time each week. It was an urgent need to find features that take too much time adn to remove them.

Mailings are very complex; and Galette is not designed to be a mailing system, I terefore decided to remove this feature.

Dynamic fields are way too complex as well, and will be removed too.

It's not everyday, those removals will be in the next Galette release, but also in the current one. That means than starting now, people who download Galette 0.7.8 will no longer benefit of those features.

EDIT: Obviously, nobody can believe such thing, it was an April Fool.

Thursday 16 January 2014

Sponsored releases and donations: a review

About one year and a half ago, I began a self-employee activity, and almost at the same time, I've added a "donate" button on the website. I communicate on both points several time, time to review has come :-)

Le'ts start with my self-employment activity. Initial goal was to boost the Galette project, with defined requests (and not quick phrases on mailing list). I have to admit: This is a success; and I hope that will continue!

Seven sponsored releases were born :-)
Every release includes ordered features, as well as some others I've take in charge to integrate myself (as in regular releases).

Here a resume of various enhancements ordered, and developped as of today:

  • improve dynamic fields interface,
  • hyperlinks management in dynamic fields,
  • credentials length changes,
  • login and password may now be not required,
  • fields visibility configuration,
  • advanced search,
  • titles management,
  • members search via their contributions,
  • export as CSV filtered members list,
  • contributions reminders, automated via cron,
  • parameted invoices and receipt print in PDF (that would be reused for all other Galette PDF),
  • external script call after a new contribution (for accountancy export, for example),
  • members imports from CSV files,
  • add attachments to mailings,
  • plugins public pages reworking.

Auto and Maps plugins also get sponsored enhancements.

It is useless to say that those enhancements are directly benefic for the community. I'd like to thanks once again AFUL non profit organization, Debian France non profit organization, the Exsequenda company, and Club 404 non profit organization which has sponsored those releases. Loïs and Roland also sponsored developments, as individuals, thanks to them.

Let's talk about donations. There were no specific target here, just another way for those who did not want to contribute or order new features (thoses orders have a cost, would you believe?) to contribute (trying to motivate me :p).

Well... On that part... It's quite a bum note. According to donate promises (see mailing list archives), it is not, but in facts, only four donations has been made (thank to generous sponsors, they'll recognize themselves); and moreover from people who already are active contributors!

Finally a big part of the community does not contribute in code, support, documentation or financing,.. Evolutions requests are numerous, but with a minimum of involvment from users, they'll be devoted to stay simple requests.

It must be noted that it does concerns - and that's great! - the entire comminuty, and that some people do contribute developping some features, testing, or answering tracker requests (those ones are sometimes scatterbrain or imprecise). A very Big Thank to them!

Sunday 22 December 2013

Galette 0.7.8: Roland Xmas gift

A new Galette version, 0.7.8, has been release, it is sponsorised by Roland; as well as Maps and Paypal plugins :-)

The main change is about plugins that can now have public pages. The Paypal plugin uses that new feature, as does Maps.

Maps plugin also get some new features:

  • administrators and staff members can now manage members coordinates,
  • member (up to date or not) can see themselves on the map if they're logged in,
  • administrators and staff members can see all geolocalized members, exept inactive accounts,
  • a full screen button has been added for more comfort.

On an additional note; it is the latest release of this year; but also tha last 0.7 Galette serie. Next year will see Galette 0.8, with some important changes, and the end of PHP 5.3 support.

Big thanks to Roland for his sponsorship, season's greetings to you all.

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