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Sunday 22 December 2013

Galette 0.7.8: Roland Xmas gift

A new Galette version, 0.7.8, has been release, it is sponsorised by Roland; as well as Maps and Paypal plugins :-)

The main change is about plugins that can now have public pages. The Paypal plugin uses that new feature, as does Maps.

Maps plugin also get some new features:

  • administrators and staff members can now manage members coordinates,
  • member (up to date or not) can see themselves on the map if they're logged in,
  • administrators and staff members can see all geolocalized members, exept inactive accounts,
  • a full screen button has been added for more comfort.

On an additional note; it is the latest release of this year; but also tha last 0.7 Galette serie. Next year will see Galette 0.8, with some important changes, and the end of PHP 5.3 support.

Big thanks to Roland for his sponsorship, season's greetings to you all.

Saturday 7 December 2013

Galette "not found": 0.7.7 sponsored by Club 404

The 404 Club is the original requester of the plugin to manage automobile clubs in 2009.

Today, the 404 Club decided to sponsor attachments in mailings, as well as a change on permissions in the Auto plugin which will be released in its firts stable version! Big thanks to them!

Some bugs were fixed too (check the changelog for more details), and then here is Galette 0.7.7 as well as plugin Auto 1.0.0 :)

Monday 21 October 2013

Galette 0.7.6: Loïs sponsored

Versions follow one after the other and are all very different...

Sponsors follow one after the other and are all very different... ;-)

This time, it's Loïs (GruiicK) Taulelle, as a private individual, who sponsors nothing less than CSV import feature!
Loïs is the original creator of Galette (along with Frédéric Jacquot, aka Deelight), and was the main maintainer until I took over the project in 2007. He has never stopped following it, often contributing in several ways (he takes care of PostgreSQL install scripts, published several news on LinuxFr, etc.).

This new Galette release ships some other features along with CSV imports, I let you check out the changelog. CSV imports are already welld coumented (the sponsoring effet).

A very big thank to Loïs to made possible implementation of this new, and often asked, feature :-)

Saturday 17 August 2013

Galette 0.7.5: sponsored by Debian France!

Debian France nonprofit organization, who promotes the Debian operating system and myself, are proud to present you Galette 0.7.5!

After a few months of work, a few difficulties, hard work and meticulous tests; a new sponsored version was born. As a reminder, a "Sponsored release" means that some developments have been paid via my self-employment activity and reversed to the community.

Debian France requests were about distinct things:

  • subscriptions reminder emails (#368), scheduled via cron (#377)
  • reminders email templates (#376)
  • customizable invoices and receipts (#394)
  • contribution storage in accounting via an external script (#490) when adding a new contribution from Galette or Paypal plugin.

Very special thanks to Guillaume Rousse, who implemented some additionnal features:

  • add date/year dynamic fields type (#191)
  • add boolean dynamic fields type (#624)

A few other enhancements were brought along, and some bugs were fixed; see complete change log.

Again, many thanks to Debian France for their sponsoring, and also to everyone who were involved in improving and testing this release :-)

Read also Debian France news about their Galette support :-)

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